Kolvenbach Engineering provides a broad range of services to fulfill customers’ needs. Our key advantage is end-to-end product development in the highly diverse field of electromechanical systems and robotics.

The field usually includes the disciplines of System/Mechanical/Electrical/Software engineering with varying emphasis on each.

We combine strong creativity, expertise in different disciplines and in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities.

Through methodological development, the process is fully transparent and milestone decisions can be tracked easily.


  • Engineering support during early product development.
  • Feasibility analysis and counseling during product iterations.
  • International project supervision.
  • Support during patent application.
  • We provide technical translations between German and English (other languages on request).

Development and Design

  • Our methodological development process follows recommended guidelines (VDI 2206/2221) and is fully transparent at all stages of product development.
  • The development reflects requirements definition, ideation and concept creation, evaluation and design.
  • Broad range of state-of-the-art tools are used for mechanical/electrical/software design.

Prototyping and manufacturing

  • Prototyping of early stage prototypes to reduce costly mistakes at later stages of development.
  • Use of 2.0 manufacturing tools for lean production (Lasercutting/3d printing/ CNC milling).
  • In-house integration and assembly.
  • Testing and quality control.